Dashes of Spice? Wut?

YES! Lots of em’. Why? Only because I am the PROUDEST, most PATRIOTIC Grenadian you’ll ever meet (verified). So, I was mandated to start this blog as a part of the Communication Technology course I am currently undertaking at the UWI (St. Augustine Campus). I was a little hesitant at first simply because I’m so scared of writing my thoughts for the world to read but as I got into the groove “Je l’ai aimé beaucoup” :). Now, again, I’ve been MIA for awhile but that’s because I was simply uninspired. I tried writing words that were in keeping with this topic but thoughts of my Grandmother’s passing kept clouding my brain (yes, that same Grammie who gave my mother castor oil as a “wash out” after every school break. She was really my GRAND mother. She was my first mother and was involved in every part of my life from birth until her death on March 22nd, 2015 at 6:05 a.m. Her wit, worrying, realness, scolding, PERSONALITY were the dashes of spice in my life. She was the dashes of spice that seasoned my entire family’s life. I promise you, she’s going to be missed by all who knew her. I promise you that I am slowly regaining the strength to think freely. I promise you that I will continue blogging, even vlogging, for you. Much Love 😉


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