Sea Lots…..I SAW lots and HEARD lots

As I stepped on the rich soil of Trinidad and Tobago, the self-made “advisers” warned me of many places in Trinidad that I should not visitLaventille and Belmont were the two places I should stay away from. I wrote this in my mental diary and vowed to never enter those territories. My first trip to Port of Spain was via the Beetham Highway. I was taken aback by the two dilapidated communities I saw in such close proximity to the most industrious capital city in the Caribbean. Beetham and Sea Lots were a different Trinidad and Tobago. As I asked my friends about those communities, they informed me that they weremade up of drug dealers, thieves and all the other negatively labeleled, most criminal job titles in the world. As time passed I learnt alot more about Sea Lots and started asking why it is that those communities consisted of so many criminals (according to local media BTW). I looked for the link between poverty and their actions; was poverty the cause of their actions or were their actions the cause of poverty? I had many questions and little answers… I noted the many articles that featured outstanding persons in academics, sports and many other areas who grew up in those communities. For a long time I wondered why it is that those stories were hardly ever praised. But, as I continued my academic pursuit, I learnt of the agenda settting theory of Max McCombs and Donald Shaw. The media sets an agenda and ensures its acceptance by the masses via its various media. Even though I saw lots and heard lots….I’ve learnt that you really don’t know until you Sea Lots.

P.S. I’ve posted one of my fav songs for your pleasure 😉


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