Trinidad: Easy Access

No. I’m not talking about that amazing Busy Signal song that rang in our ears for years. I’m really talking about how easy it is to access everything in Trinidad. An eye, ear and mouth opener for me is the fact that Trinidad is ALWAYS open. Jus last Sunday, a friend and I wanted to head to Trincity Mall. As we stood under a bus shed waiting on our red band maxi (i’m a proud greenz-trini “traveller” now) approximately twenty maxis passed us, filled to capacity. In Grenada, if you actually get a bus on a Sunday evening you’re a lucky one. As we got to the mall, there were scores of people. It was unbelievable! To us, Sunday is family-time or beach-time, not mall-time. We got through the crowd and went to order our food. Oh goodness, Trini food.  All types of food, everywhere, any time. Curepe is my one-stop food spot. Burgers, clams, barbecued and grilled meats and my favourites gyros and doubles; think it and it’s there. If you’re not in the mood to leave your place of abode, delivery is available from major fast food restaurants like KFC, Mario’s pizzeria, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, JAPS and even a few Chinese restaurants. A fellow Grenadian brother has even dubbed friday’s #KFCFriday’s:only by delivery. Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago never seem to close and there seems to be every type of business you can think of under the hot Caribbean sun. I love Trinidad and Tobago and its EASY ACCESS.

P.S. Check out the link below to see the art of making doubles compliments (c) PAL 😉


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