National Dish of Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada (recipes inside)

One thing that didn’t take me by surprise is Trindad’s national dish, pelau. While there is unending debate as to what the national dish of Trinidad and Tobago is, all my research points to Pelau-a rice, chicken and vegetable bouyon I’ve loved since my childhood years. Follow the link below to find ther recipe compliments

Pelau recipe(

Ground provisions, saffron, curry, coconut milk and all types of meat under the sun come together to creat the best tasting dish in the world, Oil Down (my Grenadian bias). Oil Down is the national dish of Grenada and, unlike the name suggests, it is not made with oil but with coconut milk. It is a one-pot dish that combines vegetables, meat,provisions and seasoning to create a rich yellow meal that leaves your tummy satisfied and leaves your tastebuds hungry.Follow the link below for a Grenadian Oil Down recipe compliments Please note, however,  that we do have access to freshwater year round (lol -_-)

Oil Down recipe(

Hope you enjoy these recipes… 😉


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