Purity vs. Revelry: An experience of two differently similar worlds

In 2004, I was given the option of flying to Trinidad and Tobago to visit my sister who was a student at the Student Accountancy Centre at the time. I declined. The stories carried across Grenadian media about the crime  and general life in Trinidad and Tobago was not my cup of tea at the time. My idea of adventure included visits to waterfalls, hiking and rain-forest exploration. Trodding to what I believed was the land of crime was not on my bucket list. But then, life happened. I was now an adult and needed to attain a University degree. So in 2012, I boarded my Caribbean Airlines flight and headed to the land of steelpan. It was a Sunday(I remembered that day clearly). As I landed, I was surprised at the fact that we werent gated but instead had to walk on the tarmac toward arrivals. As I left the airport, I was surprised that Tunapuna and other places were so rural. I honestly expected a little New York. When I got to the Arthur Lewis Hall of Residence, my place of abode for the past three years, I was surprised at how small the lobby was, at how small the rooms were, at how small that bed was. I was surprised that the inner parts of Trinidad and Tobago were so similar to my dear island, Pure Grenada.

With all these similarities, there were distinct differences. The values and ideologies of the two countries stood out most to me. While Grenada was bent on treasuring the purity of the island, Trinidad and Tobago was focused on revelry. There were festivals and parties every month. The support of the island’s multiculturalism was simply amazing to me. The carnival, phagwa, diwali and other celebrations were an eye-opener. Trinidadians love to party. I love to party too, but I can’t do it like those from the Land of Bacchanal.

After spending almost three years in Trinidad and Tobago I can proudly say I’ve fell in love. Trinidad is my second home. Its my Aunt; Tanty Bacchanal. After I’m finished with my degree I promise to always visit, to always love you and to never doubt your rich goodness. Love Ya :*


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