Purge? What!!!

The “expressions” in the title of this blog surely reveals my intial thoughts on the issue. I’ve associated the word purge to discomfort and outright disgust ever since I heard my mother’s stories. Growing up, my siblings and I would hear(over and over) that a purge was always the final major event of her Christmas and Carnival vacations (Grenada’s carnival is in the heart of the June-August school break). Her mother (my Mama) would create a concoction, castor oil being the main ingredient, and she would have to take it once a day for two days right before the new school term starts. Kudos to my grandmother, Dr. Josephine. In 2014, however, I lightened up to the word as it was now the title of one of my favourite songs for SpiceMas *shakin a leg under my desk*.This was definitely life preparing me for the social media purge I was mandated to take. No social media for three days sounded like a breeze to me. Unfortunately, I did not succeed. Hour number one wasn’t terrible. But, as time went on, it became clearer that my attchment to technology is one of genuie love. To be honest , I only survived day one. It was not easy. I felt disoriented, bored, annoyed and sometimes fustrated. I often reached for my phone and was subconsciously reminded of the task at hand. I came to the realization that my life was now reduced to social interaction via digital communication. I was always an advocate for face to face interaction but I can now honestly say that I was a hypocrite. I missed my phone. I missed logging on to facebook to see the latest posts of my family and friends at home in Grenada. I missed logging on to Instagram to see the latest pictures of my followers. I missed being able to vent my feelings on twitter. I missed it all. Although the experience was not the best, I am grateful for the things I’ve learnt. It helped me learn a little more about myself in 2015. I would encourage everyone to attempt a social media purge. The things you would learn about yourself, the things you would realize about your environment would be an experience in itself. So, purge away. Be refreshed!


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